Aviation Consulting

We are Professional Aviation Consultants within Start-up Airlines and MRO advice.

Nils Pihlblad has been an Aviation Professional for the past 25 years, mainly in Business Aviation Sector, Aircraft Development, and Construction. 

He is an Entrepreneur with an Engineering Degree from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, where he also has worked as a Mentor to Students. 

He has Launched multiple Enterprises, most recently in Media and Aviation Enterprises. 

“The Glory of Aviation as an Industry is the difficulty. I am eager to continuously learn more and share my knowledge.” 

Andreas Karlsson has a Background from studying an American Bachelor in Business and Administration. 

He has previous Experience in Hospitality, Electric Vehicles, and Corporate Travel. 

During the past year, he has composed a Business Plan for an Airline and advised the start-up. 

“There is something about the Aviation industry, which always have fascinated me. It is a Business structure that differs extensively from other Businesses.” 

Price List:

Virtual Introduction Meeting 30 min. Free
Virtual Meeting ( per Hour): €300
Make and present a report within Airline and MRO Start-up. Hourly Price: €150
Prices are excl. VAT

Please send your request to: contact@swedaero.com