At SwedAero, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovation and modernity in aviation maintenance. One of the key factors contributing to our success is our strategic location in Eskilstuna, Sweden. Situated in a region that serves as a nexus for technology, industry, and transportation, Eskilstuna offers unparalleled advantages that align perfectly with our mission and vision.

Access to Västerås and Connection to Örebro

Your Industrial and Logistics Hubs Combined

Västerås, another significant city in the region, is renowned for its industrial prowess and technological advancements. Its proximity to Eskilstuna enables us to tap into a rich network of labor, and cutting-edge research, all of which are crucial for maintaining our high aviation maintenance standards, suppliers, and skills.

Örebro serves as a key logistics and transportation hub in Sweden. Its strategic location ensures seamless connectivity for the distribution of aviation parts and quick access to maintenance facilities. This logistical advantage significantly reduces turnaround times, thereby enhancing our operational efficiency.

Proximity to Stockholm

The Capital Advantage

Being close to Stockholm, Sweden’s capital, provides several strategic benefits. Stockholm is a political center and a hub for technology, finance, and international trade. This closeness allows us to easily collaborate with leading tech companies, research institutions, and governmental bodies, thereby staying ahead in the rapidly evolving aviation industry.

SwedAero is perfectly positioned to lead, innovate, and excel by situating ourselves in Eskilstuna. We invite you to experience the SwedAero difference that our strategic location makes possible.

At SwedAero, we are committed to delivering unparalleled service in aviation maintenance, and a significant part of that commitment is our strategic location and strong relationship with the county of Eskilstuna. Our presence in this vibrant region offers unique advantages that set us apart in the industry.

A Collaborative Approach to Education and Training

We are in active discussions with local educational institutions to develop specialized aviation mechanical programs. These initiatives aim to cultivate the next generation of skilled technicians and engineers, ensuring a sustainable talent pipeline for the aviation industry. Our collaborative approach fosters innovation and excellence, keeping us at the forefront of aviation maintenance technology.

Strategic Connection with Eskilstuna Logistic

Our partnership with Eskilstuna Logistics provides exceptional logistical support, streamlining our operations and enhancing efficiency. This relationship enables us to offer our clients faster turnaround times and more reliable service. The logistical advantages of being in Eskilstuna are a cornerstone of our operational excellence.

Cost-Effective Operations at Eskilstuna Airport

One of the most compelling benefits of our Eskilstuna location is its cost-effectiveness. The cost of landing and parking at Eskilstuna Airport is significantly lower than other regional airports. This financial advantage is passed on to our clients, making our high-quality services superior and more affordable.

Advanced ILS Technology at Eskilstuna Airport

Eskilstuna Airport is equipped with state-of-the-art Instrument Landing System (ILS) technology. This advanced system enhances the safety and precision of aircraft landings, particularly under challenging weather conditions. The availability of ILS technology further solidifies our commitment to providing safe and reliable aviation maintenance services.

By leveraging our strong ties with the county of Eskilstuna, SwedAero is uniquely positioned to offer an innovative and modern touch to aviation maintenance. We invite you to experience the exceptional benefits that come with our strategic location and partnerships.