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The SyberJet usage for Medevac Purposes

The Air Pressure at the usual cruising Altitude of a Commercial or Air Ambulance aircraft (about 35,000 to 45,000 feet) is so low that a human being could only survive in this Environment for a few seconds. Therefore, an Aircraft have a “pressurized cabin” that provides the passenger with an Air Pressure equivalent to being on top of a mountain of about 6,500ft / approx. 2,000 meters high.

However, even this Cabin Pressure, which is much higher than the air outside affects the oxygen supply and influences the expansion of gases in the human body. Thus, Ambulance flights for certain Clinical pictures are carried out in such a way that the pressure in the aircraft cabin almost corresponds to the air pressure at sea level, and the effects of the flight on the human body are kept as low as possible.

A decrease in Air Pressure leads to various physical changes in the human body. Particularly important is the gases expand under reduced ambient pressure, and where gases cannot escape, exert pressure on the surrounding tissue or organs. In healthy people, pressure equalization occurs via various connections, for example between the throat and the inner ear. In traumatized patients, however, we often find air trapped in body regions due to an accident or also due to medical measures, which would not be found in healthy patients.

Escape of the Air by natural means is then often not possible, for example in the head, in the eye, or in the intestines. Typical examples are patients with air pockets in the skull or chest (pneumothorax). If this air expands and cannot escape to the outside, catastrophic consequences can occur, which must be avoided through careful planning and precise diagnosis. In addition, reduced Atmospheric pressure reduces the oxygen available to the human body. In particular, patients who already need to be ventilated with 100% oxygen before the flight, would run into a dangerous oxygen deficiency at low Atmospheric pressure. For these patient groups, flights with cabin pressure close to “sea level” are important to maintaining an adequate oxygen supply.

Air Transport is only possible safely under “sea level” conditions to ensure sufficient oxygen supply or to minimize the risk of compression of tissue or organs by expanding air, we plan the flight accordingly.

Syberjet is unique in that respect as the aircraft has sea level pressure in the cabin up to 41 000 feet.
This means that we can fly safely above the weather in order to avoid turbulence and a bumpy ride for the safety of the patient at sea level pressure.