ELIS Program and ZeroAvia

Embarking on a Sustainable Journey with ZeroAvia

As SwedAero navigates the startup phase, we are excited to lay the groundwork for a monumental partnership with ZeroAvia, the frontrunners in hydrogen-powered aviation technology. This collaboration is not just about shared goals; it’s a testament to SwedAero’s foundational commitment to sustainable and innovative practices in the MRO industry. With ZeroAvia, we envision a transformative impact on commercial aviation, focusing on eco-efficiency and the economic upliftment of the Nordic region.

Catalyzing Innovation with the ELISProgram

In alignment with our pioneering spirit, SwedAero is forging a strategic alliance with the ELIS Program, marking a significant milestone in our journey towards electrification in aviation. This partnership grants us access to a wellspring of knowledge and expertise essential for a developing enterprise poised to champion the green revolution in aviation maintenance. The ELIS Program is a beacon of progress, guiding us to a future where aviation and environmental stewardship fly in unison.

Visionary Goals for a Start-Up Poised to Lead

At the heart of SwedAero’s ethos is a forward-looking strategy that embraces the challenges and opportunities of starting up in the dynamic world of aviation MRO. We are invested in a future where our operations reflect the pinnacle of efficiency, innovation, and environmental consciousness. The collaborative ventures with ZeroAvia and the ELIS Program are cornerstones of our growth, set to propel SwedAero as a next-generation MRO leader in the Nordic landscape.

Our partnerships are more than strategic alignments; they are harbingers of a new era. SwedAero is committed to leading the charge towards a greener, more technologically advanced aviation industry, and we invite you to join us on this exhilarating ascent.