Round up 2022

This might be the last Round up 2022, which you will read for 2023 from a company.

Thinking back to the start of 2022 feels like almost years ago, considering the new year started with new Pandemic restrictions and uncertainty of when travel will pick up again.

Then from one day to another, great news came from one Government followed by the other, regarding the lift of restrictions and somehow returning to a “new normal.”

However, the “new normal” was faced with new challenges of inflation, and a war in Europe, which nobody would have expected. We are serene to know our business partners in Ukraine with families are all safe.

For SwedAero, we have faced a few challenges due to World Events. Due to the war, Sweden applied for NATO membership, and the Swedish Airforce was planning on keeping the Eskilstuna Airport as a military base, therefore the options securities were postponed. Although we have received the Security Options of purchasing property for our hangars at Eskilstuna Airport, the strategy continues as earlier.

We are happy to announce our latest Business partner Frida Vestin has joined the project. Frida will be focusing on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), which will be an important core of SwedAero’s business. 

To continue, we are finalizing our financial forecast, and our strategies for our vision to build a “Green MRO for a Green Future.” We have had meetings with potential suppliers to move our intangible visions to something more tangible and outline the possibilities to build the Next Generation’s Aviation Maintenance.

The next step will be to continue to connect with people who has a great knowledge of the Aviation industry, find investors to build partnerships with, and continue to explore how the Next Generation Aviation MRO will evolve.


Lastly, Syberjet was on it’s first European tour flying from San Antonio Texas USA over to Europe and further down to South Africa and back. We were able to support the flight from our partners in Spain. The whole flight went smoothly proving what a great light jet the SJ 30 is. The interest in a Light Jet with sea-level cabin pressure has increased for Medevac purposes. We are more than excited to follow the development of Syberjet, which you can read more about on our webpage.

It might be too late to wish you a Happy New Year, yet we wish you all a great continuing of the year and sincerely thank you all for all the Support, ideas, and knowledge you are providing us.

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