The Round-up for SwedAero 2021.

Well, we promise it is a good sign that we are rather late with our 2021 Round-up post.

The year has been busy for us, for which we are grateful.
It all started with consultancy for a new Airline, which aims for Operation in the Scandinavian Market. If there is something we know, it is the Scandinavian market as a Swedish-based Enterprise. We have finalized the Business Plan for the Airline, created the first contact with Tour Operators, been in Negotiation progress with different Suppliers necessary for starting up an Airline.

Most people might think this is the worst time in Modern history to start- up an Airline. We think differently, never has the time been a better opportunity than nowadays to start up an Airline!

Besides our side Project, we have focused on our main Business, the MRO operation. With a new webpage, our new logo, updated Social Media platforms, we were ready to Meet the industry at Aviation Week in Amsterdam.

We had a Booth at the Affair for two days and met great people sharing our vision of joining the Next Generation of MRO Operations.
We have built relationships, which we cannot wait to see how they will develop for the coming years. We found a great interest in our Business from many people who passed by our stand.

Further on, our CEO Nils Pihlblad visited our partner Gaptek in Barcelona for a site visit. Mr. Pihlblad says: “The quality of the construction and their commitment to Sustainability goes hand-in-hand with our vision. We share the same belief of taking responsibility for being a part of the Green Future.”

2022 will be an exciting year for us! After many years of planning, we are finally coming to a point when we hopefully will see some actual process. If everything goes as planned, our New Year’s resolution is following:
Final Negotiation with Eskilstuna Airport.
Finalize Negotiation with Investors.
The beginning of building our Hangar.
Employee our Executives.
To have our first Suppliers in place.
Starting the Process of licenses.

Even though the COVID-19 virus is affecting us, we hope you all have had a great start-off in 2022! Thank you all for showing interest in our visions and believes in being the MRO of a Green Future!

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